The Society is for people seeking information on antique purses: their history, ideas for care, cleaning and display. Members can participate in the Society’s discussion board, read reviews on books about vintage purses, and meet fellow collectors with similar interests.

The purpose of the University is to provide collectors with a cornucopia of information on the makers and history of  handbags and jewelry, which are the Bag Lady’s profession and passion.

Esse grew out of a traveling exhibit selected from Anita Davis’ extensive collection that was shown in cities throughout the country from 2006 to 2011. More than just a fashion history, ESSE shows the evolution of the 20th-century American woman — decade by decade — not only through the bags she carried, but also through their contents.

The museum shows the history of the Western ladies bag from the late Middle Ages to present day. The collection tells stories of social developments and styles in the applied arts and fashion through the centuries.