4 thoughts on “Spotlight Purse: Green Bakelite Frame”

  1. I enjoyed the website very much! Not only seeing the beautiful purses but to also see the advertisements and patents. Your stories relating to the purses were fun and informative. I particularly enjoyed seeing Shirley Temple singing Animal Crackers in My Soup! Thank you, Teri Wirth

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. We’re pleased to know that you liked the ads, patents and articles. We believe that informed collectors gain a greater appreciation for mesh purses.

  3. Wonderful article and educational regarding mesh purses. Provenance of items collected always adds to the wonderful flavor of our treasure trove of passion.
    Thanks for all time spent doing research so that we All may enjoy the “rest of the story”.
    Kathleen Tauchert

  4. We appreciate your interest in our website and agree with your comment about provenance enhancing the collecting experience.

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