Spotlight Purse: The Dinner Dance

Image 1022 – Whiting & Davis regular flat mesh purse with silk-cord handle, attached enamel medallion, mesh tassel, and envelope-style opening, 4 x 3 ¼ not including tassel.

W&D named this purse “The Dinner Dance”. It was featured in the 1925 Ziegfeld Broadway production “Louie the 14th”.


Image 2001 – Whiting & Davis ad that appeared in a May 1925 magazine.

2 thoughts on “Spotlight Purse: The Dinner Dance”

  1. I learn so much from your website. I never knew that these folding bags were called Dinner Dance. I own three. I’ll send you photo. Arlene

  2. We’re pleased that you enjoy the site. Not all envelope-style mesh bags were called “Dinner Dance”. The “Dinner Dance” has a very short body that terminates just barely below the bottom of the frame. Another very similar bag that has a longer body was named “Starlight”. Another painted flat mesh bag with an envelope flap and tassel, but no medallion was called “Princess Mary”. And still other envelope-style bags were unnamed.

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